Monday, March 30, 2015

Exocet WindSUP 11'8 and Cross 106 session

Saturday March 30th had some pretty good North / Northwest winds with small waves at Wiggins Pass State Park. I rigged a 6.4 sail and started out riding the Exocet WindSUP 11'8". When the wind picked up I switched to a smaller board, the Exocet Cross 106. The other windsurfer is Dr. Alex Owens. The music in the video is by The Qemists.

Cold Front 3-28-15 from James Douglass on Vimeo.

Monday, March 23, 2015

SUP Racing, Jesus Lizards

I've really been having fun lately, albeit a masochistic variety of fun, with SUP racing and training. Yesterday I won another of the local Imperial River races put on by CGT Kayaks. A couple of the differences between this race and the last race were:

1) I'm now officially on the CGT "Race Team" so I have a cool blue jersey with the Caloosa tribal design on it. Being on the race team means that we're expected to do some out of town races this year, so I'll be reporting on that later.

2) We started in groups of four this time rather than being released individually, which made for tighter and more strategic competition. It definitely gets choppy with four people side by side all paddling as hard as they can. My fiercest competitor Ben Walker fell off in the cross chop and that helped me out early on. Of course later I fell, too, trying to weave through several German tourist kayakers blocking the upriver turn-around buoy.

After the race we did a Hawaii longboard surfer style photoshoot with some of the race team.

 photo 11070266_10100337830162621_6087896524477110909_n_zpspt2soeoy.jpg

Also, after the race we got to see a Jesus Lizard that shop owner "Caloosa" John had adopted. These are the famous water-walking lizards that can escape their predators by running so fast across the water that they don't sink in. Like many other tropical reptile species, they have been released into the wild and become a pest in Florida.

 photo 0322151402_zpsp3s8klsf.jpg