Monday, January 21, 2019

Naples Wavesailing Video

I used to post a lot of windsurfing videos but have been doing it less often lately. Here is why:

1. I don't windsurf as much anymore now that I live in SW Florida where it's not windy very often.
2. When it is windy, I'm often "downwinding" on a paddle-powered craft like my SUP or surfski kayak.
3. I've gotten out of the habit of taking my GoPro and filming videos because it seems to take a long time to edit them afterwards and I'm always busy with other stuff like work.
4. All my Vimeo videos disappeared because my account got nuked for having unlicensed music in some of the videos. Perhaps I'll repost some of the best ones without music by uploading them to youtube. Putting music to the videos was the fun part for me, but I guess it's no fun for the artists to have people using their songs without paying, and it's not nice to break the law, etc.
5. The mac laptop I've used for video editing since 2009 has been slow since it forced me to update its operating system, and the mac video editing software no longer works. Now I'm editing videos on the PC with Windows Movie Maker which I'm not so familiar with and doesn't seem as friendly.

Anyway, here is a short edit of a delightful, rare, strong wind windsurfing session at Wiggins Pass State Park in Naples, FL. I was using a 4.7 Hotsails Fire and 83 liter starboard Evo. The setup worked pretty well in the onshore conditions, though I wish I had added more downhaul earlier, and I think I might want to update the fin since the one I have is maybe too grunty and not maneuverable enough to make good on the maneuverability of the board.