Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bay Tree Beach - Windsurfing Again

Last weekend was a big blast of wind as a major storm rolled over the East Coast. I sailed hard on Sunday, for the first time after 8 days off, and gave myself a weird dehydration x overexertion x stormwater-in-my-sinuses headache that lasted most of Monday. I guess you could call it a windsurfing hangover.

This afternoon was the healing, post-storm session in a moderate breeze from the North. I almost skipped it, but Sam Lake was jonesing to kite because he'd missed the weekend, so we took off work a little early and headed to Bay Tree Beach. I know a nice couple who live there who let us launch from in front of their beach house.

The high tide was washing over the marsh. Bay Tree Beach is eroding rapidly, much to the concern of the folks who live there.

When Sam snapped these pictures I was barely planing with my 6.6 sail and 114 liter board, but at least there was enough wind to do the cool-looking, close-up, buzz-by-the-beach thing.

I returned the favor by snapping the pictures and video below of Sam riding his 13 meter kite. When I'm taking video with my camera I keep stupidly wanting to turn the camera sideways for vertical shots, forgetting that (duh) that doesn't work with video. I barely caught myself this time.

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