Saturday, May 24, 2008

Outdoor temp: 72 F, Office temp: 60.8 F

Here's a splendid example of Virginia taxpayer money at work. For the last half year of my graduate student career I've had the excellent privilege of being one of the first to move into the Virginia Institute of Marine Science's BRAND NEW Andrews Hall. It's a state of the art building with the best in climate control, safety, and security technology.

That means we have key card readers that won't swipe, vending machines that refuse your money, a noxious-gas evacuation system that comes on at odd times and sucks so hard it makes your ears pop and blows a hurricane through the doors (once you get ten men to push them open), and best of all a manic depressive AC that makes it 90 degrees on the 4th floor and 60 degrees in my ground floor office.

The only thing worse than being in one's office all memorial day weekend typing one's dissertation is doing it bundled up in a ski jacket and not having any snacks.


PeconicPuffin said...

That's terrible. It's wasteful, harmful to the environment, frustrating...sorry to hear you have to be there. I hope people get fired (but nobody does in government. The Bush administration wrote an executive order that the only reason anyone can be fired is for "disloyalty"...this happened when, two weeks after September 11th, the Treasury department renewed the visa of Mohammad Atta. When nobody was fired for that, they made it policy.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog and saw that you windsurf. I am located on the Potomac and am looking to get some used equipment for my son who is interested in learning. We are also not far from SMCM and our daughter attends W&M. Any suggestions on who might teach in our area...especially at St. Mary's and where we can find a board where people post to sell decent used equipment?

You can email me at

Thanks for any help you can provide. Good luck with your dissertation!!

James Douglass said...

Peconic- Yeah, man! It sucks. After a lot of complaining, we got them to "fix" it, but it's still 66.7 degrees, which I think is well below comfortable, energy-conserving summertime indoor temperature. I agree with your political sentiments. The only thing the Bush administration has ever been good at is propaganda.

Anonymous- Thanks for the note. I replied to you via email.