Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm a Mac

The home computer I've been using for the last several years is an ancient Windows 2000 desktop that my former grad school roommate pieced together with parts from retired office machines. (Thanks, Russ.) Beastly as it is, the big box of bolts earned itself an extra inning of life last year when it outperformed the appallingly awful Vista-equipped laptop I bought to replace it but quickly returned. I thought about maybe trying another PC, with XP or the new Windows 7, but I really wasn't too eager to give my money to a company that had burned me before, especially after I heard that Windows 7 was just as much a polished turd as Vista.

Anyway, after a couple months of splitting the rent with a roommate and not buying any water toys, I had enough padding in my account to get myself a Macintosh Laptop. The UPS guy dropped it off this morning, so I'll get it revved up tonight to see how I like it. I'm particularly interested in how it handles High-Definition video from the awesome GoPro HD helmet camera my dad gave me for Christmas. (Thanks, dad.) Stay tuned.

UPDATE- It works pretty well for video editing. Here's the test video:

Windsurfing and Randomness - GoPro Test Video from James Douglass on Vimeo.


Jenny said...

Also it's great (hopefully) for communicating via skype with your good friends overseas ;)

Frank said...

Hi James, I have been a MAC lover for years. If yours has snow leapard it should be awesume. The video conferencing thing is great too. What size screen did you get?
A friend of mine has a 17 and it is like having a desktop.

am said...

James - Interested to know how you like it. I have been suffering through a MS Vista for several years. Have considered a MAC, but my friend whom I count on for support is only familiar with MS.
Jean and Charly both have MAC and love them. Jean does all her video on hers. Have you seen any of her video stories on The Columbia Star site?

Farrah Hall said...

Welcome to the dark side. :) I just got a MacBook in September.

Unknown said...

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