Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm a Superbeast

Even though it has warmed up significantly from last week's cold snap, there were still a lot of dead tropical fish on the beach today, like these moray eels. Poor things.

There was also a nice wind from the Southeast, and I got a good windsurfing session with a 5.5 sail and 83 liter waveboard. I had some technical difficulties setting up the boom-mount for my GoPro camera, and some more technical difficulties with my new combination waist / seat harness, but still managed to get ok video. The song I used is "Superbeast" by Rob Zombie. If you don't like heavy metal, just turn the volume down.

16 January 2010 Fort Pierce FL Windsurfing from James Douglass on Vimeo.

I know not all the fish off Fort Pierce died during the cold snap, because I saw a lot of baitfish jumping around when I was windsurfing, and there were huge flocks of Northern Gannets flying around and diving after them. There was also a pod of dolphins frolicking in the inlet, and I'll bet there were a ton of big predatory fish and sharks out there, too. I tried to climb back on my board or waterstart quickly whenever I fell down.


Frank said...

Nice video ,Yes mother nature can be cruel but it is her way or no way. If the globe is warming mother nature wants it to. Human beings are unimportant in her scheme of things. There is no shortage of us.

Morley said...

Some nice jibes there, James! Didn't look like you moved your hand forward to the mast every time, didn't seem to affect the rotation speed, you cam out planing (though a drop of water mid-lens makes it hard to tell for sure!)

Do you find that reviewing the tape after helps your technique?

James Douglass said...

Frank- Thanks. I can't say what mother nature wants, but apparently some species made it through the cold snap ok, because folks at the beach were catching croaker, whiting, bluefish and small sharks at the beach today.

Morley- Thanks. I hadn't thought about my hands during the sail flip, but I do notice other technique issues when I watch the videos. Like in the formula video I saw what I was doing with my feet on the jibes that went poorly and compared it with what I was doing on the jibes that went well.

JSW225 said...

I'm very jealous. Recently, my sanity broke and I decided I was going to go windsurfing at my local lake. Upon getting there, I see that it is very frozen solid. Perhaps if I rigged everything up, the lake would unfreeze for me.

The lake didn't do it, and sanity has yet to return.

Robert Bruce said...

There was a large, dead Moray eel out at the beach today when I went for a swim. What is it that makes people think that they are dangerous? The teeth definitely look like they could do a lot of damage. I didn't know I was swimming in waters that have them prowling the bottom. I mentioned it to a local lady and she exclaimed >>They're poisonous.<< I can't imagine eating one.