Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things I Wish I Could Forget that I Forgot

1. A small backpack full of undeveloped Euro-trip pictures at a restaurant in Paris when I was 17
2. To de-chlorinate the water before introducing Binky and Buster the goldfish to their new home in 2006
3. My lucky purple sweatshirt at the Benthic Ecology Meeting in Rhode Island in 2007
4. A $175 Mystic Warrior kiteboarding / windsurfing harness at the Stuart Causeway last year
5. The windbreaker shell that goes with my down under-jacket, somewhere sometime
6. My debit card at a wine-tasting in Paso Robles last November. (At least I got that back the next day.)
7. To turn off my still-picture camera after putting four fresh batteries in it last week
8. Innumerable downhaul cleats at innumerable beaches on innumerable occasions


9. To attach a brightly-colored float to my GoPro camera headband before wearing it while stand-up paddleboarding in the surf tonight.

I doubt anyone will a) find it, or b) call the phone number I wrote on it, so I am going to have to buy a new one. It sickens me to think of the money wasted, and the dishonor my stupidity has done to my father, who bought the expensive camera for me for Christmas. I don't think dad will get on my case too bad, though, since he also has a sordid past with regards to forgetting cameras.

Here's the last video I ever made with the camera, from Monday night. I don't do anything interesting in the video besides sail fast. The song is by the Ramones.

James is a Punk from James Douglass on Vimeo.


Johnny Douglass said...


clyde said...


rod.r said...

Hey James

Tough break with the camera.

What sail size is that? You seem to get some pretty flat water where you sail. I'd need to be on something bigger than a 7.5 to get water that flat.

BTW, the formula vid rocks...now that's flat water :-). It has inspired me to look at getting a bigger sail again after spending time on 8.0 and under.

James Douglass said...

Clyde- Yes, that would be appropriate in this case.

Rod- It's a 6.6 Aerotech Charge (wave sail). The chop on the ocean is relatively small in this video because the wind direction is NW (side-off). The wide-angle camera makes it look smoother than it is, though.

In the formula video it was N (side shore) but was very smooth because I was just downwind of a long jetty. It's nice to have some formula gear- if there's 10 knots I want to be able to get out and plane.

Frank said...

Hi James

Sorry about the camera. We all enjoy the videos. In the past my wife took video from the beach with a Canon but she doesn't go to the beach much anymore so I was looking for a camera like you have been using. I have a new Mac and enjoy editing the movies. Suggestions on brands?

James Douglass said...

Hi Frank- You can't beat the GoPro Helmet Hero HD. Good resolution, good mounting attachments, good recharging and video-uploading features.

rod.r said...

I was just looking at your sailing stats for the year. Something I didn't notice before was that, on paper, there seems to be a massive gap between your 6.6/106L board and your 9.8/formula board. Was that filled by the Kona, or does the wind pattern you get mean it's all or [almost] nothing?

Farrah Hall said...

Bummer! I've had money and lots of other important stuff stolen while in Europe and other places too (including my still camera on Monday). It's hard when you're trying to make things happen for yourself and then all of a sudden, there's another expense added to your yearly tab.

James Douglass said...

Rod- It seems like 6.6 to 9.8 would be a gap, but since the formula sail is good from 10-15+ knots and the 6.6 starts working in 14 knots, there really isn't any gap. Also, I kinda think it's more fun to be really juiced on 9.8 and formula than ho-hum on 7.5 and a mid sized board. Another thing that reduces the gap is that I often kiteboard in the 12-15 knot range.

Farrah- Yeah, those unexpected drops in the ol' bank account really cramp yer style. Sorry about your camera getting stolen.

Van said...

Hey James!
Sorry about your camera.

Henry Thomas said...
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Henry Thomas said...

Hi James,

I lost my helmet camera just the other day. I wiped out a full clip and when I recovered the rig the camera was gone. It was only my 3rd time out on the water with it and it only occurred to me after I lost it that I should have tied a to a float, or at minimum a halyard to my helmet chin strap. So I smiled a knowing smile as I read you report. Never mind - bit of an expensive lesson thou.

Love the site and have really benefited from your advice on boards and quiver selection.