Monday, February 11, 2008

College Windsurf Clubs; Presidential Summit?

It just sort-of happened. Sam Lake, the new president of the VIMS Sail and Paddle Club, asked me, the old president, to come along with him on an epic day-trip to the Outer Banks. Of course I couldn't refuse, given the warmish weather and excellent wind forecast, so on Friday afternoon I stuffed my waveboard and small sails into the back of Sam's pickup truck and set my alarm clock for 6 am. I also got in touch with Farrah Hall, early president of the St. Mary's College of Maryland windsurfing club and current Olympic windsurfing contender, and invited her to come down with us. She said [paraphrasing], "Great, and while we're down there we can see my pal Stewie (Stuart Proctor), recent St. Mary's graduate and windsurf club president, who is now working for Ocean Air Watersports in Avon."

So we caravanned down early Saturday morning and met up with Stuart at Ocean Air. Stewie is a cool cat. He has a gnarly little apartment in the attic of the shop, with a righteous porch overlooking the Pamlico Sound. (Picture). Since the wind was slow in coming we hung out on his deck, admiring the view and "talking shop" about about running college / grad school windsurf clubs.


Later we made our way to Canadian Hole / Ego Beach for some February windsurfing that felt more like May windsurfing. I rode a 5.8 all day, and switched off between my small and medium sized boards.


Stewie gave me some useful stance tips that helped out in drag-races with Farrah. Sam, the only one of us kiting, was looking hot, and pulled off some aerial moves he'd never tried before.


Late in the day the three of us windsurfers walked over the dunes to the Ego Beach oceanside for some less-than-ideal but still fun wavesailing in side-off winds. I managed to really ride one wave "like you're supposed to" and it felt awesome. That made up for the several times I got washed shlogging out through the impact zone.

All in all it was a fabulous, amazing day. Thank goodness Sam was driving on the way back because I was zonked out... and I would be needing the rest for the massive wind coming to VA on Sunday.

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StevenD said...

Hey Jim! Love the blog. Would like to enlist your help toward the same thing you wrote about several years ago--reviving college windsurfing. I'm in touch with Farrah Hall already, building a network, would love to include you. Check out College Windsurfing USA on Facebook and contact me at
Thanks, and Happy New Year--Steven Davis