Tuesday, April 8, 2008


What kind of sick person would write a 2347 word essay entirely about women's breasts, and then post it on the internet for all his friends and family to see?

My dad would.

Check out his latest blog post; Coping With Cleavage.



scooper said...

I've noticed that most of the blogs that I read from single guys have some sexual references and most from married guys don't. I assume that married guys, (like me), exercise some caution in what they say on the subject because they/we want to stay married. It's refreshing to see your father buck this trend. We're wimps compared to your dad!

Johnny Douglass said...

I need to have something to liven up my geezer blog. Otherwise nobody will ever go to it.

Unknown said...

Huh. Maybe that's why my boobs shrunk when I decided my life partner would be windsurfing instead of a man.

Catapulting Aaron said...

That was outstanding! I concur whole-heartedly with the anti-artificial boobs subject.

James Douglass said...

Scooper- Yep, my dad has always been a trend-bucker. Fortunately, my mom is used to it by now.

Dad- Looks like your strategy is succeeding.

Periwinkle=smurf- Well, if it helps you see the harness hook I guess it's a good thing! :) Still, I'm relieved windsurfing hasn't shrunken anything of mine.

Aaron- Ditto that sentiment.