Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trimming the Fat

I figured out how to edit helmet camera video last night, so here's the highlight reel from yesterday evening's "TGIF" session. My buddy Scott makes an appearance on a Bic Reggae longboard and 5.5 sail, and my other buddy Marc gives it a go with a 16 meter kite. The wind was good; I was powered on 9.8.

The only problems I'm still having with the freeware video editor I'm using, "Avidemux 2.4", are that it doesn't recognize the audio in the GoPro files, and that it fails when I try to add a secondary mp3 track. (The mediocre music in this video came from YouTube again.)

1 comment:

Catapulting Aaron said...

looks like superflat fun (ok maybe it wasn't that flat, but you know what the gopro does).

Anyway, regarding the sound recorded by gopro... it's really nothing worth saving usually. The voice sounds garbled (other than an occasional WOO!), but mostly you just hear a weird crunchy/plasticy sound that might be coming from the camera stand, or maybe it's coming from the sail rubbing against the mast... not 100% sure...