Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Round of Wind

Now that the "season" has started, Florida has become a darn good place for windsurfing again. Tuesday had about 20 knots sideshore at the Fort Pierce South Jetty, perfect for a 5.5 msq sail and my 83 liter waveboard. As usual, I was the only windsurfer amongst a bunch of kiters. I really don't feel the need to kite in strong winds like this, because I think windsurfing on small gear is plenty fun and challenging. I need to learn some new moves, though, to spice up the GoPro videos, if nothing else.

Windsurfing Ft. Pierce, FL on 3 Nov 2009 from James Douglass on Vimeo.

Doug the kiter gloats about his great session while Tim and Marc fuss with Tim's 8 meter kite.

A Kona longboard atop my minivan marks me as the only windsurfer at the jetty.


Magnum said...

As Robby said, after having mastered kiteboarding, "nothing can quite match a good windsurfing day". But don't let the kiters know!

Good winds over there.

Ian Berger said...

Neat video! I bow to your skills! Good choice of music too.