Sunday, August 8, 2010

Too Sassy for my Blog?

My friend Emily Westermeier is a talented pop singer / songwriter / keyboardist with a lot of range in her voice and musical style. She and her buddy Steve Fogel are a home-brewed recording group called "Biscuits and Gravy", based out of Vero Beach, Florida. At the moment they're completely unsigned and unknown, but that could change quickly because their music is good and Emily is hot. I'm doing my part to help out by posting their first video "Bounce Me" here on my blog. As you might guess by the title, it is a sassy number, bouncing along the fine line between PG13 and NC17.

The other Biscuits and Gravy songs all sound different, but share the common theme of sassiness. You can listen to them on the band's website, here.

If you're a big-time recording executive and you want to sign B&G for a multi-million-dollar contract, you can contact Emily through the website. Or if you just want to get them to play at your local coffee shop, bar, or bar mitzvah.


Emileezmusic said...

I am flattered to have the support of such a sexy scientist! If I get a multi-million dollar contract through your blog you will definitely see a piece of it! I could pay you lavishly for kite-boarding lessons for example. Thank-you!!

quidquid katie said...

mmmmm biscuits and gravy!