Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quick Way to Find Out Where to Vote

It's Nov 2nd, y'all. Time to vote.

You can just type your address into this link and it will tell you where you're registered to vote:


Also, remember to vote for progressive liberals and not corporate-funded shysters or scary bozos from the Tea Party.

I really think this is a make-or-break time for the USA, since it's our first big election since the "FEC vs. Citizens United" supreme court decision. That horrible decision allowed ultra-rich corporations to make unlimited campaign donations, likely opening the floodgates to corruption and revving up the money-is-power-power-is-money feedback cycle that threatens the fairness of our society and the rights of not-ultra-rich people.


Unknown said...

Scary Tea Partier here (a belated 'Boo!' to you) - You can also log into your Facebook account from your PC (or Mac, if you're a rich elitist Liberal, j/k!) to locate where you go to vote in your area, too.

James Douglass said...

Marc- Ha ha. ;) Did you vote? Hopefully the wind was so good that you just kited instead. I voted straight democratic here in MA, plus voted to maintain strong zoning laws, keep the liquor and sales taxes like they are, and legalize marijuana.

Frank said...

Another Scary Tea Partier here!! I work for my money and would like to spend it however I want even if it is on windsurfing equipment that looses all it's value after purchase. Sorry about the Kiter!! Like wind driven stuff. His injuries sound very serious. Our prayers are for him.
Man my Altria stock will look good if they legalize marijuana they will own the market and put the dealers out of work.