Monday, July 9, 2012

So Long Little Buddy :'(

Rhonda cuddling Buri while he noms her ear.

This 4th of July was a very sad day for Rhonda and me, and for anyone who knew Buri, Rhonda's irresistibly lovable English Bulldog. If you don't want to get sentimental, don't read the rest of this post.

Buri started out the morning at my apartment on Nahant, enjoying lots of petting and attention from his mumma and me, per his customary routine. Then I took him down to Nahant's "dog beach" where we waded and played fetch in the water to stay cool.

Buri didn't want to leave, but I was getting sunburned, so I took him back to the house for a fresh water bath and shampoo. After that he was content to lounge around the house and charm guests arriving for our beach day and BBQ. We kept him inside in the afternoon, but let him out on the porch again in the evening while we were grilling. He seemed to be fine temperature-wise, but when fireworks started going off in the neighborhood he got riled up with barking, panting and pulling on the leash.

Tragically, we were slow to realize that Buri's agitation could bring on heatstroke- even in the temperatures he had been OK in before the fireworks. If we had realized the imminent danger we would have cooled him down in a drastic way, like dunking him in the ocean or a cold shower, but instead we figured he would chill out sufficiently in the air conditioning of Rhonda's car when she drove him home. The little trooper hopped right up in the backseat like usual, but when he fell asleep on the drive he wasn't able to wake up. Rhonda rushed her baby to the closest emergency veterinarian but, heartbreakingly, it was too late. He had died of heatstroke. I met Rhonda and her mother at the vet in the middle of the night and joined them in bawling my eyes out while petting and hugging poor peaceful Buri one last time.

I'm not real religious or anything, but I have to believe that Buri's loving spirit endures, perhaps waiting and watching with other loved ones from a place of timeless transcendence.



Rhonda and I are still having a tough time getting through feelings of heartache, regret, and plain old missin' the Buri, but we take comfort in each other, and we have been moved by some nice things that friends and family have said or shared with us since Buri's passing. I'll end this post with two of those.



GK said...

sorry james, I Bought your formula gear in Florida a couple years back and follow the blog. Im a dog lover myself and enjoyed all posts about Buri. I'll miss seeing what he's up too and wish you guys the best dealing with your loss. Hope you can enjoy the good memories you had with him and be content with the fact that he had a great life with the both of you.

James Douglass said...

Hey GK- How's it going? I remember chatting with you and selling you the Exocet Formula board in Ft. Pierce. Thanks for your sympathy about Buri. We certainly wish we still had him, but the memories he left are pretty special, too. Take care. :)

Sweetwater Dave said...

Hi James: I am sorry for you and Rhonda for the loss of Buri. The pictures of he and you on the board bring a smile to my face. I have been following your blog since you gave me some good advice about OBX several years ago on Iwindsurf forums. Your comments on the forum are always informative and courteous . I wish you and Rhonda the best in your new lives together in career and marriage. Our lives overlap a little--my son is working toward his PhD. He is also concentrating in biodiversity in aquatic environments, but more in fresh water. He is in New Haven, CT, and should be done in a year or so. Again, my sympathies, Dave Weis

James Douglass said...

Thank you, Dave. :)