Sunday, December 27, 2015

One of my race SUPs is up for sale - Fanatic Falcon 14' x 24.75"

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Since getting hooked on paddleboard racing in fall 2014 I have gone through several boards. Here's a quick history of the race SUPs I have had in my possession-

1. 14'x26" 404 Pintail Zeedonk - This was my first race sup, which I bought because it was a really great closeout deal through CGT kayaks. I sold it after just a few uses because I wanted a more rugged SUP that I could put a windsurfing mast track in.

2. 14'x27.25" Fanatic Falcon - I bought this board, used, as a replacement for the Zeedonk. I really like the wide-nose narrow-tail shape, especially in rough water and upwind/downwind conditions. I put a windsurfing mast-track in the board and it sails nicely in light to moderate winds. I'm keeping the board for paddleboard race training, sharing with my wife, and windsurfing, but it's wider than optimal for the level of racing I'm striving for.

3. 14'x24" 404 v3 - I was in the market for a narrower board to challenge myself and increase my racing speeds, and I got a good deal on this one through CGT. I used it in a couple of races and did pretty well. However, though the 404 was faster than the wider Fanatic, I liked the style of the Fanatic better. I ended up experiencing buyers' remorse with regards to the 404, and I sold it to a friend so I could buy a narrow Fanatic instead.

4. 14'x24.75" Fanatic Falcon - ***FOR SALE***. This was my dream board when I got it in May 2015. It had the shape I loved from the wider Fanatic, but it was narrow enough to boost me into the next tier of competitive speed. I used it hard and put a few minor dings in the deck, which I repaired with epoxy, fiberglass, and not-quite-matched red paint. I stopped using the board in late August 2015 when CGT started half-sponsoring me by loaning me one of their Riviera boards to ride. The Riviera had a slight edge on the Fanatic in flat water, but still, nothing I've tried beats the Fanatic in nasty water. I'm asking $1000 for the Fanatic, which is currently on the consignment rack at CGT kayaks. Take it for a test run, make me an offer.

5. 14'x25" Riviera RP - This is the board I used per a sort-of sponsorship agreement with CGT Kayaks & Paddleboards. I did well in races on it, but I never actually owned it. Recently I returned it to CGT and it was purchased by another racer, Mark Hourigan. My next board will probably be a Riviera in the 23-24" width range, which ought to work well for me in racing, and ought to also help me attract customers to buy Riviera boards at CGT. If I'm on the new Riviera all the time I won't have any strong justification for keeping the narrow Fanatic, so the narrow fanatic has to go. Like I said, make me an offer.

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