Monday, April 27, 2009

Jesus License Plates: Only in Florida

I'm getting the distinct impression that Florida's elected representatives are a bunch of morons. I mean, Jesus, haven't they ever heard of separation of church and state?


The article is here. The really sucky thing about this and the other proposed religious plates is that the money from their sales wouldn't even go into general Florida funds that could be used for the public good. It would go to sketchy private charities like "Faith in Teaching" that are attempting to stupify science education by teaching creationism instead of evolution.

IMHO the whole specialty plate thing is dumb. I think government programs should be funded by normal taxes, not weird stuff like lotteries and license plates. And private charities and lobby groups should solicit on their own, without the endorsement of the state. There should just be one, boring license plate per state. If you want your car's ass end to say you love Jesus, or manatees, or cops, or whatever, just use a bumper sticker.

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Johnny Douglass said...

Amen! ...uh... I mean Right ON!