Friday, April 3, 2009

Land Windsurf Board for Sale

**UPDATE- SOLD, to a Canadian.**

**If you came here looking for used windsurf gear, try the iwindsurf classifieds section instead**

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Since I live in a warm place with a fair amount of wind and lots of soft, yielding water, I don't think I really need to bother with windsurfing on land. So I'm putting my land windsurfing board, the "TurfDog Freemove" up for sale. It works great on packed sand, almost-too-great on pavement, and ok on grass if you use a bigger sail. $230 obo.

At that price I'll also include an old but good-condition 3.5 sail that you can use with it. Here's the blog post where I describe the board:


idriss said...

I am interrested in the turfdog please email me at

Thanks, Idriss

Surelia Dev said...
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