Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oppose Bad Fertilizer Bills

Speaking of morons in the Florida State legislature...

There are THREE fertilizer management bills in the works now that would all allow MORE pollution from fertilizer use in urban and suburban areas. The bills are bad because they have ridiculously weak standards and outrageous loopholes, like an exemption for "Weed and Feed" products allowing unlimited use. (Think the weed-and-feed lobbyists might have had something to do with the proposed legislation? I'd bet on it!)

The murky waters and algal blooms in our lakes, canals, and lagoons, and the dying corals offshore have a lot to do with runoff of the fertilizer applied to lawns and landscaping. (Also, mowing or paving right down to the water's edge removes the natural vegetation buffer that could otherwise help sop up the excess fertilizer in runoff.)


With as dense a population as we have here, we have to be more stringent about controlling our chemical effluent...

You can register your opposition to the pollution-worsening bills with the online form here: http://action.sierraclub.org/protectFLwaters

PS- Pass it on.

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