Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beetles in Baby Formula

Via my sister on facebook-

"I've been receiving unwanted free samples of formula since [second daughter] Yaiza was born. Now I just received a letter from the Similac company saying the formula they sent me may contain beetles and or their larva[e]. Isn't that great?"

Yikes! I found the news article about it here.

Pretty disgusting, although probably not that unusual for things like this to happen in overgrown, over-industrialized, corner-cutting, corporate, food-and-drug-processing plants.

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Johnny Douglass said...

Gad! That’s despicable, sending out contaminated food trying to get business. It would be bad enough if they just mailed out uncontaminated samples of their product, inferior as it is to mothers’ milk, which has been refined by natural selection since our ancestors were scuttling about on four legs under the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period. Hey Abbott Laboratories! Those mounds on women’s chests aren’t just for guys to use as pillows and hand warmers, you know. They produce a product better than yours.