Thursday, June 30, 2011

New England Firsts

I'm not one of those people who is super spontaneous and jazzed to try new things at every opportunity. I'm more likely to take my time and to get deeply into one or a few things. But every now and then it tickles me to break out of the usual pattern and do something without precedent. In the last week I had two such adventures.

1. Sunday I cruised around Boston Harbor on my friend's family's humongous motoryacht. It was so much fun- maybe I should buy one? ;)


One of the coolest parts was getting close to Logan Airport and watching the planes fly right overhead. Another cool part was jumping into the water off the upper deck, which was at least high-dive height.


2. Wednesday after work I drove 2.5 hours to Enfield, New Hampshire to pick up a freebie longboard windsurf at the Dartmouth College Sailing Center on Lake Mascoma. The board is a Mistral Equipe XR, 372 cm long. It needs a little TLC, e.g. a new daggerboard gasket, but a comparable board today would cost over $2k, so I think I got a dang good deal.


The drive through the mountains of rural New Hampshire was beautiful, and the brief windsurfing session I had on the lake seemed pretty special. I can see why Yankee city-folks like to retreat up to these kinds of places in the summer. So peaceful.



Lady Notorious said...

Great pictures!

I should have gotten one of you hanging out on the upper deck, second guessing your decision to show off for the boys.

Next time...

Catherine said...

Sooo lovely. Reminds me of the peaceful spots along Eld Inlet.