Friday, June 17, 2011

Racing and Freeriding Videos from the 2011 ECWF

Hey. I edited up some more footage from last weekend's East Coast Windsurfing Festival on Long Island. Watching myself make all kinds of mistakes in the races has me motivated to shore up my major weaknesses, like tacking.

Here's a video of the races. I only filmed on Saturday (the windy day), but we also did some non-planing races on Sunday. Overall, I came in third place in the "Open" class, behind Josh Angulo (who won every race on Saturday) and Bill DeGeorge. The songs in the video are by Nirvana, Jimmy Hendrix, and David Bowie.

After the regular racing was over on Sunday we did a fun relay race on longboards. My team, captained by Peconic Jeff, won first place in that, as you can see in Peter R's video...

Between races I took a spin on Angulo's 110 liter freestyle-wave board, the "CV1". The song in this video is by Led Zeppelin.

Angulo literally took a spin the same board during the freestyle contest. It was pretty impressive.


drysuit2 said...

James , We loved having you down for some Long Island flat water sailing. Even if you did kick our butts....

Your point of view videos get better each time. And I love your choice of music. It's as if you stole my ipod.

Looking forward to meeting up again for some LI, or some MA waves,


Brian said...

James... I noticed your tacking skills improved during the later races. Good stuff!