Saturday, July 18, 2009

My first first-person windsurfing footage

I got a chance to try the GoPro camera on the water today. I was pretty pleased with the results. YouTube degrades the quality a bit, but they still look ok in full screen mode.

I haven't figured out how to cut and splice clips, or how to add soundtracks and credits, so for now I've just posted these as separate videos. In the ones where I'm talking to the camera you have to turn your computer volume up to hear it. Just remember to turn it down before the part where I jump in the water in the last video, because that's loud.

The wind was 10-12 knots from the SE when I first went out, but then it abruptly shut off and shifted around to the W, after trying a few other directions. While I was becalmed I took the camera underwater, but since I could only see a blur with my eyes I was hesitant to swim down all the way to the reef. Another time I'll bring a mask and go deeper.


rod.r said...


that first clip is exactly why i'm looking to get an old formula to stick under my new 9.5m hotsails formula-d, even though i already have an imco...looks like you are flying :-)

James Douglass said...

Rod- Thanks, man. Yeah, it's pretty awesome being dialed-in on formula gear. :)

Antonio said...

Hi James, nice video. I was just curious what's the volume of your formula? 160L?

James Douglass said...


I think it's 155 liters, which is plenty for me. The board dimensions are 230 x 100 cm, but it doesn't carry as much width into the nose and tail as the newest boards do.