Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Helmet Cam Experimentation

I took my helmet cam out again today, this time using a slightly different mount; more at the front of the helmet and angled down to see the water and the board. It worked ok, except that after shooting a few clips, I got mixed up and started turning the camera on when I thought I was turning it off, and vice versa. So I ended up getting mostly boring "candid" footage. In this video I'm just reaching, reaching, reaching, until I finally turn around at 3 minutes. After that you can see some reef and sand patches whiz by underwater, but that's as exciting as it gets. (PS- Sorry for the terrible music. The only way I've figured to add tunes so far is with YouTube's "Audio Swap", which forces you to choose from a list of third-rate bands no one has ever heard of, I guess to get around copyright issues.)

One thing that worked well, though, was the automatic repeat photo feature of the camera. I had it shoot every couple seconds for a couple minutes, and got some ok shots. I'll keep experimenting.



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