Friday, July 17, 2009

The Week in Death and Destruction

It's been a slow week for watersports blogging. Things should pick up after this weekend because my new blog-accessory arrived. It's a waterproof helmet-mounted camera from GoPro that can take wide-angle, first-person perspective movies. All I need now are some AAA batteries and some wind.

In the meantime, here's some recent highlights of Florida life.

1. There were some ants dragging a dead lizard through the hallway at the Smithsonian Marine Laboratory.


2. Monday I tried to get to my seagrass research site, but it was closed off because of the scheduled shuttle launch. When the launch was rescheduled for Wednesday I knew Tuesday was my only chance to get the seagrass sampled. So my intern and I rallied and did it all in one long day. Another guy I know who works in the area once caught his truck engine on fire on a grassy dike road like this. The fire wouldn't go out until the entire truck had been disintegrated down to the hubcaps. This provided endless fodder for heckling by co-workers. I drive very slowly and only go a short distance down the road so I won't burn up the Smithsonian's F150.


3. This morning I saw a guilty looking construction crew standing stupidly around an exploded water main. The fountain of water was drenching a nearby realty place.



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Johnny Douglass said...

Looks like Florida life is pretty interesting when you're not distracted by wind.